A Bra That {Actually} Fits


This is a shout-out to anyone who wears a bra, has worn a bra, or is looking to buy a bra that fits correctly. And it’s important. For years I have been wearing an improperly fitted bra. How do I know this? Because my kind boyfriend gently pointed out that when I bend over, I flash any surrounding people with my nipples. As someone who supports the “Free the Nipple” Campaign, I see nothing wrong with people seeing my nipples (we all have nipples after all), however, it may have frightened some of my more conservative friends, colleagues, family, etc. For that, I’m very sorry; I hope you haven’t had nightmares about my boobs. This comment did alert me to two larger problems: one, that my bras were not fitting as I had assumed they were. When I stood upright, my boobs seemed pretty content and well adjusted, but boy was I wrong. And two, that my boyfriend, someone who does not have boobs, knew more about them than I, someone with boobs, did. To be fair, he may have more interest in boobs that I do, but I’m a strong proponent of knowing one’s body and self – so things needed to change.


Now, you may not be flashing everyone you see on a daily basis, but you might have back-ache, straps that don’t stay in place, cups that are too small, bands that rise up your back, the list goes on… Basically, why not double-check that you’re wearing the right bras size?


So here’s the link. It explains 5 measurements you should take in order to more accurately size yourself. Insert those measurements into this calculator, and voilà! You will have an estimated bra size along with two close sister sizes.


YES, this is way different than a Victoria’s Secret sizing. Let’s being with the fact that if you go to Victoria’s Secret for a sizing, they do it over the shirt. This is understandable because boobs are so sexual they must be kept a secret unless in an intimate moment or for porn. Duh. No one could be comfortable showing a stranger their boobs for something as practical and asexual as a bra fitting. But let’s be real. Many bras, especially those bought from VS (and I’m going to guess that that is where you purchase your bras if you’re having a fitting there) come with extra padding. This can change the shape and size of your naturally beautiful boobs (because you know, that industry tells us that only one look is okay to have). So it’s really important to do the measurements naked (at least from the waist-up) so that you get the best sizing for your unique boobs. Yes, they are unique. And it’s amazing. Take a minute to appreciate your boobs. Second, VS only carries band sizes 30-40”. Did you know there are band sizes as small as 26”? Many of you are probably wearing a band size that is way too big! I was. VS sized me as a 32C. Way too big. I could literally pull the bra band away from my body and stick several water bottles between my bra band and my upper body. Using the calculator above, I found out my bra size is a 28DD. Yup. Mainstream bra industry/society teaches us that anything above a D cup is INSANELY HUGE. It’s not. I don’t have insanely huge boobs. Hah. The fact is, cup size corresponds to band size. For example, a 36C cup is a lot bigger that a 30C cup. Don’t be too shocked if the bra size calculator gives you a bigger cup size that VS did.


I’m going to take a second to mention that my intention is not to hate on VS. I’m sure there are many people happy with their VS bras, and that’s wonderful. Now, back to the content…


…So once you’ve figured out your size estimate, what now? In general, Reddit’s A Bra That Fits is a fantastic resource to use once you’ve determined your size. You can find anything from size variations among brands, to bras for every budget, to where to try on and buy bras in sizes that aren’t usually stocked. In regards to brands, thanks to A Bra That Fits I’ve found Panche and Freya to be brands that are great for D+ boobs of all band sizes. Additionally, I have found Amazon Prime to be amazing. Free shipping and free returns has helped me try on bras and figure out my exact size in the comfort of my own home, since I haven’t found a single store (yes, including Nordstrom) that stocks a 28’’ band size. Thanks to Amazon I’ve been able to find bras that fit pretty perfectly.


Everyone deserves undergarments that fit. Best of luck with your boobies, I hope you find a bra that fits! Please feel free to message me with questions and share this post with anyone who wears a bra 🙂


Finally, a very special thank you to David, for showing me A Bra That Fits and helping me learn more about boobs.

One thought on “A Bra That {Actually} Fits

  1. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your own personal bra troubles (too many of us don’t) , it’s nice to be reminded that most women struggle with industry standard sizing. I hope conversations and articles like this catch the attention of some of the stores you mention and helps them to realize just how many different shapes and sizes all people and boobs come in.


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