Sailing Trip #2

On Jan 31, 2016 Graciela {Colombian}, her husband Geoff {Kiwi}, and their friend Tim {Kiwi} took me sailing for the second time in Evan’s Bay in Wellington. This time we left the bay and sailed in Cook Straight to Island Bay.

I learned about woolies (telltales) – small pieces of string placed strategically on a sail to tell us what the wind and airflow over the sail are doing at that particular moment in space and time. The goal is to get the woolies to sit calmly parallel with the water, indicating that the sail is at it’s best possible setting.

I also learned how to change a sail, while still sailing and loosing as little momentum as possible. This was necessary as we needed a smaller sail in order to properly steer the boat. The wind was just so strong out in Cook Straight.

Once we arrived in Island Bay, we anchored and had a cup of tea. We soon learned that the anchor wasn’t holding well and had tangled with one of the nearby mooring lines. Luckily Tim is a spear-fisherman and dove into the cold, cold water and untangled the lines. Special thanks to Tim for saving the day!

We  Here’s a record of our trip!


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